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Create and Scale the Business of your Dreams by Going Online.

...with Online Business Expert, Trilingual Winning Presence Voice Coach and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Lorna Earnshaw.





Hi!  Here's my new Podcast! Welcome and thanks for visiting!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I'm Lorna. I've never had a job. I've created several businesses around things I loved: freelance writing as a journalist, dance and singing... until 2008 when I started marketing and branding myself online.

Since 2008 I've used online marketing and offline marketing hacks to grow my business and achieve financial freedom.

Nowadays, I'm a trilingual WINNING PRESENCE vocal coach, speaker, singer, songwriter and online marketing consultant based in California. 

My YouTube and Facebook accounts have more than 5 million views altogether, while some of my posts went viral and have been seen more than 1.7 million times individually. As a marketing consultant, I've  closed up to $124,000 in business in only one hour on stage.

Through my voice coaching programs I've helped free their voices more than 60,000 people through the internet and more than 350 students in my private sessions.

Besides my work as a coach, I also own a successful online marketing agency that serves 7-figure business in North America, South America and Japan...

Despite all the business I run, I'm still devoted to my music...

And I run a successful online music business as an independent artist.

Freedom is my #1 value and something that I would never be able to give up. What about you?

When you'd like to implement strategies to achieve the freedom you're looking for in scaling your business or even starting a business following your passion, this is for you!

I did it, and YOU can do it too!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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Sep 10, 2019

Did you know that the pitch of your voice is making a huge difference when it comes to the outcome of your presentation, when you're recording a video, when you're presenting yourself in public or when you're part of a business meeting? If you have a voice that is way too high or way too low, this will definitely affect the way that you are perceived by other people, and this will also make a difference in the outcome of your presentation.
In this episode you’ll learn about the pitch of your voice and the correct way to use your voice to become a successful person.

I’ll share with you:

How your voice and specifically the pitch of your voice is hurting your voice AND your success.

How your vocal folds have a certain dimension and certain length differentiating your voice type, how you can make the choice of using your voice in a lower pitch or higher pitch depending on your voice type.


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